Sunday, February 23, 2020
Complete and Partial Dentures:
Dentures are an excellent treatment when necessary.  When properly made they  restore not only teeth
But also reestablish proper facial contours.  They do require a period of adjustment which however  in some cases can be reduced by using implants for support. 

Crowns/ Caps: 
Crowns completely cover broken down teeth restoring strength, esthetics and function.  They can be made completely of porcelain or porcelain with a metal substructure.  Teeth are reduced just enough to make room for the restoring materials. 


Veneers are laminates, made of porcelain or composite that reface teeth improving their looks.  They can be used to in cases of staining or deformities which make teeth unsightly.  In most cases the teeth must be reduced slightly to allow for the best results.


None Metal Cosmetic Dentistry:
All porcelain restorations are now available these include Crowns, onlays, inlays and bridges.  These restorations add strength and beauty to your smile.  In all cases the selection of the best material for the restoration is critical.


These are titanium cylinders that are surgically placed into the bone.  They fuse to the surrounding bone becoming permanently attached.  Once they have healed they can be used to support crowns, bridges or anchor larger prostheses.


This is an alternative way to move teeth without  wires and brackets.  Treatment is completed using a series of plastic aligners to slowly move teeth into position.  This treatment however is not for everyone and is highly dependent on good patient cooperation.


Examination and Diagnosis:
This is the most important service that I can offer my patients.  A complete and thorough examination followed by an explanation of my findings.  Treatment options are then discussed and a proper treatment plan is developed.


Routine appointments to have your teeth evaluated and cleaned are essential.  The proper maintenance of your gums and supporting bone is crucial to good oral health.The frequency of these visits depends on your personal needs.